Top 6 Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 in Business

In this blog we explain the top benefits of implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 for your business and it will improve your digital transformation. Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, Finance and Operations and Power platform makes managing enterprise applications CRM and ERP easier.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an enterprise business application suite that include both CRM and ERP applications such as sales, customer service, marketing, finance, Talent, SCM etc. A complete business application suite for your business.

1. Ease Of Use

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a wide range of customizable user-friendly UI and dashboards that provides better access to carry out all the business-related activities. Every business activity tends to abolish specific software or a product. In order to make things easier for their operations and people team members.

From managing business records to data transfer to integrating with other enterprise applications, Dynamics 365 takes care of everything in a single platform. For instance, you can carry out multiple operations such as creating documents and tracking emails all integrated from within this product. 

Microsoft has always been very open about how they tend to integrate all their tools into one another and the same goes for Dynamics 365 in such a case. You can keep track of all the information flow from other Microsoft tools, and help you schedule a meeting or set up a reminder depending on your activities.

2. Excellent Customer Satisfaction

Customer Engagement ( previously Dynamics CRM) offers integrated customer service tools that would keep your customers engaged and create better communication at all times. Businesses can engage with customers in real-time and manage multiple customers simultaneously.

It becomes easier for every business to connect all the customers with the clients and help them keep track of the entire operation over the web at any point in time.

We are completely aware of how vital Customer Satisfaction is in every business. Making sure to keep this in check at all times and provide the best service through these tools. No matter how small or how big your business is, clients or customer satisfaction is always the top priority.

3. Better Sales and Marketing Agility

Yet another important factor your business needs to take into account to accelerate growth is by taking batter measures to increase Sales Profitability as a whole. In addition, one of the main benefits of Dynamics 365 is its enhanced CRM system, which will help to upgrade better Sales and Marketing activities.

PowerBi integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

The Customer Relationship Management application extracts and saves all your data of all your potential clients. All the above data are then analyzed likewise, which would help to prepare better campaigns and strategies to get more sales.

To make things available remotely at all time, every business person can get hands on to a mobile version of the D365 Sales and Customer Service applications. You can access all the data at any time and any place.

4. Implementation of Future Technology

When it comes to the implementation of future technologies such as Artificial Intelligence to its product line, Microsoft is not behind. Dynamics 365 is introduced with Microsoft’s AI-infused business intelligence tool Power BI built inside the system.

Features associated with this intelligent system are:

  • Get in-depth data-driven insights on customer needs and behavior
  • Adapt faster to your market and customers
  • A better understanding of the customers for better campaigns likewise
  • Resolve business problems using Intelligent tools
  • Analyzed data more efficiently across networks.

Power BI uses AI as an Intelligent and cohesive technology that integrates and analyzes data to solve problems and make decisions on their own. More use of such an intelligent technology will bring better results overall.

5. More Flexibility and Mobility

Dynamic 365 applications provide a much flexible and mobile licensing to the application within its product line. You can easily choose between the number of applications ideally suited for your business. And eliminate the others that may not seem useful.

Each application has a separate plan which you can selectively choose and make your decision likewise. Also, all the process is carried and stored on Microsoft’s dedicated cloud infrastructure, which means you can access all the information at all times. These plans are customizable as per the choices you make. 

Licensing fees are charged per month, and special discounts are provided as well when purchased in bulk. It may look confusing at first, and thus needs proper consultation. This will clear out things in the right direction. There are even specific licensing plans for small and large businesses.

To have excellent mobility, you can access Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business on any device such as Desktop, mobile phones, tabs, etc. All you need to do is download the application on your phone and get going.

6. Increased Security and Privacy

With everything being in the hands of Dynamics 365, you may always worry about the security and privacy of your data. But Microsoft has taken care of it pretty well. It handles all the data in the back-end framework, and there is nothing more reliable than a company like Microsoft handling all of it by itself.

Moreover, the data stored with Microsoft comes within its terms and conditions. You will never lose the data or used it for any other purpose. As clearly mentioned, you can access all your data at any time. It implies for your customers, and clients as well. Your privacy and promise are assured to all your clients.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an all-in-one business management tool available to carry out all the operations within your organization. For instance, sales to customer service to retail, everything can be taken care of. It surely does look like a simple process to carry forward for your business. But it requires a complete understanding of the product.

No doubt, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one of the best tools for your business. To make things easier for you and your business. And to choose the right application depending on the type of your business, we would love to assist you on the same.

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